Jeff Williams

Active Board Director

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Why FFAid: The San Diego Fireman’s Relief Association was founded on the principles of helping out our firefighters and their families in their time of need. I can’t think of a better mission to be a part of then wanting to help out our fire family when they need it most. I have always felt that it was an honor and privilege to be a part of the fire service. Now, as a board member for the SDFRA, I have the opportunity to make a positive impact within our community.

A person who inspires you the most: My grandmother, Nettie Williams, inspired me as I was growing up. She was hardworking, educated, and an enthusiastic person. She became a teacher to lead and inspire those around her. She taught our family that hard work and dedication will get us to reach our goals.

How do you give back: I have always thought that it’s important to give back to our fire community. Since joining the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department in 2001, I ran the San Diego Fire Cadet program, I am a current board member with the San Diego Firehouse Museum, and have been involved in various fire service projects throughout my career. 

Tell us something about yourself: Our family loves to go camping. Over the past few years we have camped at Yosemite, Sequoias, Joshua Tree, and Silver Strand State Beach. Our future family camping goals are to go to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and the Grand Teton National Parks. It’s a great way for our family to go on adventures and enjoy the great outdoors.