Fire Family Services

What is Fire Family Services?

Fire Family Services  

Fire Family Services ensure firefighters in crisis receive the care they need when sickness, distress, or death occurs. From financial services to ensuring there is a hot meal on the table our Fire Family Services program can respond quickly to the unique needs of Fire Families in their most vulnerable times.

Programs Include:

  • Mental Health Reimbursement Grant- Reimbursement for therapeutic services paid out of pocket up to $500 for Firefighter or direct dependents
  • Medical Hardship Grant- Financial Assistance to help cover cost of significant out of pocket medical expenses or indirect expenses due to an injury, illness or diagnosis.
  • General Assistance in times of crisis including The Relief Crew, assistance with meal delivery or other fundraising efforts.

Are you or do you know a former Firefighter in need of assistance?

Contact us if you know of anyone who is in need of help. We’re always here to support our community in any way we can.

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