Graphics Arts Memo

Graphics Arts Memo


The following is an overview of the Cancer Awareness & Prevention Program (CAPP) marketing plan and funding request for promotional materials.

CAPP is a health promotion campaign that utilizes traditional marketing theories and principles to sell behavioral change. The foundation of the marketing plan is based upon the “four P’s”, which represent widely accepted marketing principles used in business (CDC, 2011). The “four P’s include: product, price, place, and promotion (CDC, 2011).

In 2013, researchers utilizing functional brain imaging (fMRI) confirmed what we have intuitively known for years, emotions drive our decision making to a far greater degree than do rational facts and figures (Murray, 2013). Therefore, to effectively market the CAPP brand and sell the benefits of behavioral change, we need to emotionally connect with Firefighters.

Crafting a program targeting emotional connection with Firefighters represents a significant departure from historical cultural norms. Traditional Fire Department training speaks to the rational mind, ex: tie this knot, soften the structure like this, etc. However, when it comes to long-term sustained behavioral change, the notion that people will choose the right brand/product based simply on an abundance of facts and figures is flawed. This “fallacy of rationality” (McKee, 2007) is evident in the 30-year smoker that knows smoking is killing them, yet cannot quit, despite repeated attempts. However, when their coworker suffers and dies of lung cancer an emotional connection is forged, resulting in newfound willpower that drives the smoker to quit overnight, cold turkey. Creating a powerful emotional connection with Firefighters will ideally provide them with the willpower required to quit unsafe workplace behaviors (cold turkey), even when surrounded by “salty” smoke-eater peers.

The value of creating an emotional connection powerful enough to drive behavioral change can be explained by the Health Belief Model (HBM), the most widely used theory in health education and promotion (Hayden, 2014). The underlying concept of the HBM is that health behavior is determined by personal beliefs or perceptions, or more succinctly, cost vs. benefit as it relates to engaging in safer workplace and/or health behaviors. The chief constructs of the HBM include: perceived susceptibility, perceived benefits, perceived barriers, perceived seriousness, cues to action, and self-efficacy (Hayden, 2014).

Implement a marketing plan based upon the “4 P’s”, incorporating constructs of the HBM in order to sell the CAPP brand to Firefighters.

“4 P’s”

  • Product: CAPP brand, safe workplace behaviors
  • Price/Cost: those who engage in safe behaviors may endure ridicule by peers and be considered not “tough” or “salty”
  • Place: distribute materials utilizing various communication mediums throughout stations, wellness, training, etc.
  • Promotion:
    • PowerPoint curriculum delivered via company level training format.
    • Emotional Impact Video
      • SDFRA $15,000/Paid
    • Graphic arts design fee for logo, posters, etc.
      • SDFRA $7,790/Paid
    • Best practices/hood exchange “cheat sheet” 8 ½” x 11” laminated card
      • $1.00 x 150 = $150.00
    • “Cues to action” 5” x 7” stickers
      • Clean Zone stickers placed on doors leading to/from apparatus floor & station: $4.55 each/5 per station
        • $4.55 x 5 x 80 [new station and spares] = $1,820.00
      • Clean Air stickers near SCBA brackets in apparatus/2 per rig
        • $4.55 x 2 x 75 = $682.50
      • Clean Gear stickers on washing machines/ 1 per station and Training
        • $4.55 x 60 = $273.00
    • 2” Logo stickers/social contracts for Helmets: $2.90 each
      • 1500 x $2.90 = $4,350.00
    • 4” Logo stickers
      • On “hood exchange” cabinets in cab $3.10 each/ 1 per rig
        • $3.10 x 100 = $310.00
    • CAPP logo turnout patch by Lion PPE
      • TBD/conservative estimate $15.00 for patch and labor
      • Mounting of “Clean Air” & 4” logo stickers on apparatus: $45.00/per apparatus (quote from Mike Reid)
        • $45.00 x 80 = $3,600.00
    • Metal Posters featuring SDFD cancer survivors $70.00 each
      • 2/double house, including Rescue & airport (14 x 2 x $70.00 = $1,960.00) §
      • 1/single house (34 x $70.00 = $2,380.00) §
      • 2/Wellness (2 x $70.00 = $140.00) §
      • 2/HQ (2 x $70.00 = $140.00) §
      • 8/Training (8 x $70.00 = $560.00) §
      • 2/L 145 (2 x $70.00 = $140.00) §
      • 2/SDFRA (2 x $70.00 = $140.00) §
      • 1/Air Ops (1 x $70.00 = $70.00) §
      • 10/Future stations (10 x $70.00 = $700.00)


      • Total 89 metal posters x $70.00 = $6,230.00
    • Total graphic arts: $40,205.50

Each of the aforementioned “4 P’s” incorporates constructs of the Health Belief Model:

    • Emotional impact video and posters create a sense of vulnerability and seriousness in regards to occupational cancer
    • 2” logo sticker for helmets is evidence of member “buy in”
    • 4” logo sticker in the apparatus cab on hood exchange cabinets is a “cue to action” to change hood after Firefighting
    • CAPP logo turnout patch, “cue to action”
    • 5” x 7” cues to action remind Firefighters to wear their SCBA “Clean Air”, wash their gear “Clean Gear”, and not go in the station while wearing PPE “Clean Zone” 
    • PowerPoint curriculum will increase self-efficacy on the part of Firefighters and awareness of benefits of behavior change


Quantities of various graphics could be reduced and/or reconfigured to meet budgetary constraints.


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