In 2015, we launched our CAPP program to try and get to the bottom of the question, “What's killing our firefighters?” - the answer wasn’t fire. Today's firefighter will most likely not die in a fire saving a life; they will die in a hospital bed from work-related cancer. 2015 revealed shocking statistics of firefighters battling work-related cancers. Cancers that we believe to be preventable. CAPP was founded with the sole purpose to reinforce best practices of firefighters in the workplace specializing in Clean Air, Clean Body, and Clean Gear.

The program includes a mandatory cancer training class, an impact video, warning identifiers, behavioral and cultural changes to prevent cancer, and posters of peers in every fire station and apparatus. Most importantly, our CAPP Program is on a mission to break down stereotypes of what it means to be a firefighter and educate them on how to protect themselves every day from the threat of cancer.



Statistically speaking, the problem is that today's firefighter will most likely not die in a fire saving a life; they will die in a hospital bed from work-related cancer. Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths for firefighters. 


According to the International Association of Firefighters, 65 percent of the members added to the Wall of Honor between 2002 and 2018 died from occupational cancer.



Our goal is to educate firefighters and raise awareness, so we can reduce the incidence of occupational cancer in the fire service. We want to ensure that all firefighters make it to retirement healthy and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


One of our program's main goals is to share what we've built and make our program available to Firefighters everywhere for free.   

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Do small things every day that stand to make a big difference over the course of a long career. 


Click on the LEARN MORE button and watch the three basic principles that can be applied immediately in a station or department to reduce the risk of occupational cancer.




Here you have access to all the resources you need to implement a CAPP Program in any department: 

-  8 Warning Posters 

-  3 C's Station Stickers

-  Helmet Sticker 

-  7 Department Memos 

-  1 Department Action Plan

-  6 free videos to use for Department education


Our CAPP Program would not be successful without the assistance of all our partnerships and those who have been dedicated to the program since it's inception. We're always looking for new partners and funding opportunities to deliver this program for free to every department in the nation. 

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