Sticker Helmet Memo

Sticker Helmet Memo

As part of the Cancer Awareness & Prevention Program we have a developed a CAPP logo (see below). The logo incorporates the targeted behavioral changes, including: Clean Air, Clean Body & Clean Gear.

The delivery method for the CAPP curriculum will be through Company Level Training, in the same way the Fire Strong curriculum was delivered. At the conclusion of each presentation participants will be asked to “buy-in” and commit to the program. For those that agree, they will be issued one 2” round CAPP sticker.

We request that Firefighters be permitted to put the CAPP logo sticker on the back of their structure helmets. The rationale behind the CAPP logo sticker on Firefighter helmets is similar to that of the “I Voted” stickers handed out at the polls on election-day. Both the CAPP logo sticker and the “I Voted” stickers are social contracts that announce to others that the wearer is doing their part, be it by voting or in the case of the CAPP program by engaging in safe workplace practices.

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