Sean Brambir

Active Board Director

Hometown: Danville, CA

Why FFAid: For me, it’s about helping others.

A person who inspires you the most: My sister Courtney, she has inspired me since childhood. Overcoming obstacles and not using excuses to hold her back. She sets a goal and executes it.

How do you give back: I volunteer my time at the San Diego 9/11 Stair Climb event. and others. I built and created the #SDFD Mustache Bash event, and 100% of the funds raised support the CAPP program. I also am involved in the SDFD Cadet Program. I am helping to mentor our youth to obtain their dreams of becoming a firefighter.

Tell us something about yourself: I love my fiancé Chelsea and our dog, Kirby. Our main passion is to travel and see the world!