John Handley


Hometown: Rolling Hills, CA 

Why FFAid: I spent 31 years in the Fire Service and loved it! We gave unselfishly to those who called. I can’t think of a better way to assist our brothers and sisters who gave of themselves at their own risk for the sake of others.

A person who inspires you the most:

My dad. It has not always been so, but he has steadfastly stuck with who he is. He’s 93-years-old and continues to be the kind, gentle man he’s always been. He served in the Marine Corps 12th Defense Battalion during World War II and was in the first wave of soldiers during the Battle of Peleliu. He played baseball for the Chicago Cubs then gave it up to raise his family. He’s had a long full life and is a wonderful role model of a person.

How do you give back: As Firefighters, we give ourselves in service to others. Service on behalf of others brings me a sense of fulfillment. In retirement, I’ve found that giving back provides that sense of fulfillment, and so I continue to find ways to give back.

Tell us something about yourself:

I’m married to a wonderful woman, Jane. She’s been a nurse at Scripps Hospital for 26 plus years. We’re husband and wife and best buddies as well. Between the two of us, we have four grown children and two dogs!

I love being active and outdoors. At any given time, you can find me in or around the ocean surfing, paddling, swimming or walking on the shore. I like yoga and I play golf poorly… but still trying.