John Brubaker


Hometown: Upland CA

Why FFAid: I  have been a member of SDFRA for the past 22 years and have watched the organization transform and grow from a “back seat” perspective.  During most of these years, I had never found the need to reach out for assistance or utilize the benefits that the SDFRA has had to offer; that was until my family went through a crisis of our own when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Now successfully across the other side of the bridge with cancer, it is time to give back and show my appreciation to the SDFRA with more than just words.

A person who inspires you the most: My young boys (4 & 7) inspire me the most because of the way they view life.  Their natural curiosity, optimism, unbiased views and the simple joy they find in the most ordinary things are a continuous reminder to me of how awesome life is and how fortunate we are.  They have taught me that no matter how difficult life may seem or when the stress of everyday life adds up, it will always be better tomorrow (or after a good nap).

How do you give back:

By saying “yes.”  Opportunities come along in all of our lives, some exciting, some scary, some out of our comfort zone.  However, by simply saying yes, I’ve have been lead down roads I had not anticipated for myself and have been provided opportunities to give back in ways never before imagined.

Tell us something about yourself: I’m a daydreamer.  When it looks like I’m in deep thought there is a good chance I’m thinking of some wild idea or planning my dream house on a remote island in the pacific and not solving the world’s problems.