Our Firefighters risk life and limb every day to protect our lives, our property and our community. They are there for us in our darkest times, so our team is there for them in their darkest time. 

How can you help a firefighter? Where does your money go? We're so glad that you asked! You can shop in our Store of Goodness and directly impact a firefighter’s life. Below, you will find a number of donation options and photos of just how powerful your donations can be. Every penny helps our firefighters and their families. 


If shopping online isn't your bag, you can help by making a tax-deductible donation right here on our website or by sending it to our office. Please make checks payable to FirefighterAid and send them to 10509 San Diego Mission Road, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92108


Join FirefighterAid and support our programs in our fight against firefighter occupational cancers, firefighter mental health, firefighter suicide, and all that threatens our heroes. Thank you for your support and gifts! 

FirefighterAid Hospital Comfort Bag 

Amount: $55 

Item Description: A bag full of "just in case" items for any Firefighter that is rushed to the hospital be it on the line of duty or after their shift.

Impact: Helping to provide comfort and care for those in the hospital while reducing the stress of maybe forgetting something while you are there, so you can focus solely on healing.

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Valentine Box for a Widow 

Amount: $75 

Item Description: A special box of love, laughs, and happiness sent to the surviving spouse of a Firefighter around Valentines Day.

Impact: Help to make someone's first or 15th solo Valentines Day a little extra special. Show them how much we all love them and always will.

Clinical Therapy Session for a Firefighter 

Amount: $125 

Item Description: Everyone, especially our first responders, are going through a battle that you may not know about. Help provide those who are seeking help with a therapy session with a trained clinician, so they can focus on themselves for a little while.

Impact: You're helping a hero work through their battle and supporting their journeys.

Groceries for a Week 

Amount: $250 

Item Description: Purchase groceries and food for a week for a firefighter and their family during a tough time. 

Impact: Firefighters have to purchase their own groceries in the station with their own resources. Help provide some groceries for stations, so they can focus solely on being our everyday heroes.

Widows' Brunch of the Month  

Amount: $400

Item Description: Sponsor the Brunch of the Month for our Surviving Spouses. Each month we treat these lovely ladies to lunch on us.  

Impact: Show some love to the women who cared for our firefighters while they were still here with us while they work together to help other surviving spouses every month.

Kickstarting the Apparatus #1114 Project 

Amount: $500 

Item Description: Help to fund the restoration work of Apparatus #1114 to be used in parades, funerals, and special events in and around the San Diego area.

Impact: Help us restore an original San Diego fire truck to showcase our pride and the tradition of service that this area has for its firefighters.

Scholarship for a Cadet

Amount: $1,000

Item Description: Scholarship for new cadets for continuing their fire education.

Impact: Help our next generation of fire service members afford to train and better educate themselves before they enter the fire station.

Speed Queen Washing Machine for a Station

Amount: $2,000

Item Description: Speed Queen Washing Machine washes firefighter turnouts to help rid them of harmful carcinogens, decrease cancer risks for firefighters and their families.

Impact: Protect our firefighters from known toxins and carcinogens, so they can focus on their job rather than chemotherapy treatments.

A YEAR of Brunches for our Surviving Spouses

Amount: $5,000 

Item Description: A Brunch of the Month for the Surviving Spouses of firefighters for an entire year.

Impact: Allow our surviving spouses to focus on providing care and support for one another rather than their monthly meetings' meal. Be a hero to the ones who took care of our heroes before they passed.

A YEAR of Scholarship for Cadets

Amount: $6,000

Item Description: Provide scholarships for six cadets in the upcoming class to continue their fire education and training before they join the ranks.

Impact: Show our soon to be heroes how excited you are for them to learn and be on the squad, helping our cities.

Summer Ability Camp for Mason

Amount: $8,000

Item Description: Help send our favorite superhero, Mason, to ability camp for the summer to help him walk cane free.

Impact: Allow Mason's parents, a nurse and a firefighter, to focus solely on caring for Mason and helping him reach his goal of walking cane free. By helping them to afford summer ability camp, Mason can shows Cerebral Palsy who's boss!



Amount: $10,000 

Item Description: Extreme generosity, love for our firefighters, and a desire to #DoMoreGood. You are definitely a hero to a hero!

Impact: Changing the lives of a number of firefighter families. We're at a loss for words! THANK YOU!!!