Dan King

Active Board Director

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Why FFAid: After having to reach out to this organization for help during my time of need, I saw the quality of board members and their deep desire to help any member of our fire family. I knew then if given the chance I wanted to be a part of an organization like that.

A person who inspires you the most: My father. A man who grew up during very hard times in his grandmother’s boarding house. He became a successful self-made man through hard work. Throughout his life, he was always guided by his principles and his moral compass. His whole life he was very excepting of others’ beliefs and backgrounds, this was in a time and place that many were not. He always placed family and friends first. He continues to be an example for me and my children to live up to.

How do you give back: I mentor firefighters with cancer through the Firefighter cancer support network.

Tell us something about yourself: I love surfing as often as I can. I love an afternoon espresso and checking out different craft breweries here in San Diego.