Special THANK YOU to our friends at Quickstop for their sponsorship and support! 

In 2017 a group of San Diego City Firefighters came together to create a Baja 500 racing team to raise money and awareness for Mason. The team, Racing For Mason was made up of San Diego City Firefighters who are raced in the 2017 Baja 500 to help support this amazing super-kid. The Firefighters on team Racing For Mason will be shared the responsibility of driving over 500 grueling miles through Mexico all in the name of our pint sized hero, Mason! Funds raised from this event will benefitted FirefighterAid, whom had already raised over $30,000 to send Mason to camp over the last three years. 

Matt and his team raised over $10,000 and Mason was successfully sent to camp. Here's how it went as told by Matt Scarpuzzi, SDFD and team captain, Racing For Mason.

After a year of planning and fundraising I could not be happier with the results of Team Racing for Mason. I am so thankful for everyone who has donated and supported the team and fundraiser. It is crystal clear how everyone feels about Mason and the love and support for this incredible young man is everywhere. I am proud to have 515 miles behind us and a 4th place finish but even more proud to see that we have raised almost $12,000 for Mason to receive therapy. From the beer tasting night at the museum to race day, hanging out with Mason has left an impression on me that will last a lifetime. 

Mason was on my mind many times throughout the 515 miles of the SCORE International Baja500. At race mile 30 we rolled the race car on its side. My co-driver and I quickly jumped out and looked around for help to get the car back on its wheels. With no one around, we used every bit of strength and lifted the car up back on to its wheels continuing on the course. I was never tired, hungry, or distracted as my co-drivers navigated us past wreck after wreck and miles of broken vehicles. Our pit crews were absolutely dialed and our "plan" came together perfectly. We had a lot on the line knowing that we were representing the perseverance that Mason has demonstrated to us. We completely lost our communications in the car and managed to get stuck behind a wreckage that blocked about 12 cars from continuing on the course. We kept the car in four wheel drive and plowed down bushes and cactus running up the side of a mountain and back on to the course. We never gave up for almost 20 hours. Pulling into the finish line and seeing our pit crews waiting for us was an incredible feeling. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every one of our sponsors and supporters!!!

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