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$2,000 Donation - Speed Queen Washing Machine for a Station


Firefighters have a dirty job. With that comes a number of toxins and carcinogens from debris during a fire. Those fine particles get into turnouts and embed themselves into the fibers, later reaching the skin of our firefighters. This causes cancer for a number of our daily heroes, but we can reduce the number of cases together! Be purchaisng a heavy duty washing machine, firefighters can wash their turnouts after a fire to rid themselves of those carcinogens. Be a hero to a hero, save a life, and axe cancer out of stations by donating a Speed Queen Washing Machine to a station with FirefighterAid.


    If you choose to make a donation, we will use your shipping information to send you a tax deductible letter for your generous donation and incredible support for our Firefighters with FirefighterAid. Thank you for choosing to #DoMoreGood and be a hero to a hero with us!