We just couldn't do all the good things we do if we had to do it alone! We have amazing volunteers who are champions for our cause, and the heart and soul of this organization. Allow us to introduce you to these warm-hearted volunteers of ours! 

Jess Hartnett&
Kristen Hartnett


Jess and his amazing wife, Kristen have been dedicated volunteers to our organization for four years and counting. Jess tells us in his own words why his family loves to be part of our organization. 

They even make our SD911MSC awards to recognize and thank top donors, fundraisers, and sponsors. How could you not love them?!

Tribal First Ladies


A group of very special do gooders at Tribal First Insurance decided that they wanted to host Christmas dinner for San Diego Fire-Rescue Departments busiest station, Station 17. They worked all year long on fundraising and doing office challenges until they raised enough money to make it a dinner 17's would never forget! This special group is full of heart and genuinely support our Fire Community. We just can't thank them enough! 

Marisa Garcia


Marisa has been involved with FirefighterAid for a number of years, ever since she first shot one of our SDFRA Christmas parties. Since then, Marisa has photographed so many of our events: Stair Climbs, countless Mason Moore events, the Coco’s Fire clean-up, Grace Melanson’s new bathroomCelebrity Sweat event, our first Gala, and even our some of our Board of Directors headshots. Now, she's SDFRA's Manager of Operations!