People often ask us if we only provide aid to San Diego City Firefighters and the answer to that is no. While San Diego City Firefighters do make up the majority of our stories, we have been able to help so many others and continue to do so. From the daughter of a Firefighter who has Muscular Dystrophy to a Houston Firefighter who wanted to see his son graduate MCDR Bootcamp. From assisting a Firefighter's wife battling breast cancer by getting her to doctor's appointments to widows who are spending their first Valentines Day without their beloved Firefighter husbands. Whatever a Firefighter or their family needs...we are here to help. We are honored to help them and share their stories with you. Meet those who we are honored to help. 
ACI Golf Tournament 

Every year, we lace up our golf shoes, dust off our clubs, and make our way to the American Concrete Institutes (ACI) San Diego Chapter's annual golf tournament as an official event beneficiary. To date, ACI has donated over $5,000 to FirefighterAid to help our programs and Firefighter families in need. We're so grateful for ACI and all our gracious community partners! We can't do the good things we do with you and your Chapter's support. Check out some stories from past years with ACI San Diego Chapter's!

Brewing Goodness 


Every year we head on over to La Jolla and join our amazing friends at Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant to learn how they brew their special Fire Chief Ale. This special brew is only available for the month of February, and a portion of every Fire Chief Ale sale comes back to FirefighterAid. We love learning about the process of brewing in January and then celebrating the brew being ready to share! Take a look at the brewing process and how much fun this event is!


Cadets are the future of the fire service. We are here to support them on their journey from cadet to probies to firefighter and beyond. We offer a competitive Cadet Scholars program to those who are in the transition from cadet to probies. Check out some stories of just how those scholarships have helped some recent classes!

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Cancer Warriors and Resources 

You don't have to know everything, but you should know yourself and your body pretty well. So if something seems off, you should head to your health care provider and talk to them about it as soon as possible. Listen to your friends, coworkers, and family - they know you pretty well too. While we don't want anything to ever happen to you, we are here for you if you need us. Hear some more from fellow firefighters about the importance of education, safe practices, and regular check ups: Kyle O'Neill and RC Ortanez.

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Celebrations of Life 

Unfortunately, sometimes members of our fire family pass away - be it line of duty, work related illness, injury, or age. We help with the preparations for celebrations of life for members of our parent organization, the San Diego Fireman's Relief Association. These special memorials are a wonderful way to share the positive impact that Firefighters have on our community, the close knit family of the fire service, and, of course, honor the memory of our fallen fire family member. See our collection of stories from firefighters' families that we have been able to assist: Gerry Jose, Pete George, and Ryan Ferrara.

2014 "Cocos" Fire and Cleanup


On June 21st, 2014, FirefighterAid was able to bring together over 30 volunteers from the Escondido area and and 6 local businesses to help two families who lost their homes in the Cocos Fires. One family lost their entire home and one family's home was saved but all of the property burned around their home. See how we helped them salvage some of the many tools and belongings in the debris to start the healing process.

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Doing More Goodness

When people fundraise and donate to FirefighterAid, they are not only doing a good deed, but they are also helping us provide resources and assistance to Firefighters and their families. Asking for help is not only hard for many people to do, but it can get complicated and change rather quickly. Each family's needs are unique, and we are happy to be able to share some of the ways that your donations have helped here. Our collection of stories shows how your donations can help many different fire family assistance needs.

Firefighter Memorials

FirefighterAid has been able to attend a few of these beautiful and truly touching ceremonies as we honor some of our own San Diego fire family. While we are saddened that these family members are no longer with us, we are joyous that they are remembered and celebrated in such a meaningful ceremony. We are there to support our fire family and friends during this hard time. Head here to learn about the different firefighter memorials that we attend to honor our fallen brothers and sisters.

Mason Moore 

Mason Moore has been a bright shining light at FirefighterAid since he was 4-years-old. Mason was born at just 23 weeks old. Because of his severe prematurity, Mason developed complications that caused him to have hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy with spastic dysplasia. This causes excessive stiffness in his legs, but with annual ability camps, Mason has been working hard to walk cane-free. Check out his progress!


Mustache Bash

Event organizer, Firefighter/Paramedic Sean Brambir, has a huge heart and is dedicated to FirefighterAid’s Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program (CAPP). Every year, during the months of October and November, Sean dedicates his time to help support the fight against firefighter occupational cancer. He reaches out to local business and organizations to get donations, awesome raffle prizes, and works hard to create long lasting community partnerships. 

Surviving Spouses

When someone suffers a loss, the day to day can become very difficult - particularly when you lose your significant other. If your loved one was a First Responder, it can be even more difficult because all of your fire family hurts with you and for you, in addition to your civilian family. We send surviving spouses some love, have monthly brunches to catch up and see if they need any help, and make sure to make big holidays, like Valentines Day, are filled with love from their adopted family here. Read some stories about some loving family members here!