"Please give everyone our sincere thanks for the help you all have provided for our family. We are so grateful for FirefighterAid" 
- Bree Drips



Brandon and Bree welcomed their third child into the world in December 2016. Their family was overcome with joy knowing that each addition is a true blessing from God. However, their joy was short lived. Shortly after Bree and Brandon returned home from the hospital with their new baby Hunter, Bree began experiencing excruciating pain and severe swelling. Bree was immediately taken to the Emergency Room and shortly after admitted to the ICU.  Bree was placed on antibiotics and doctors began running tests to determine the cause of her illness. Initially, the doctors suspected an unspecified infection of some sort. However, further tests determined that she had a rare bacterial infection that required immediate emergency surgery. The infection was very aggressive and will require many surgeries and an extensive stay at the ICU. 

As a precaution New Born baby Hunter was taken to the NICU and began receiving antibiotics after exhibiting signs of a similar bacterial infection as his mother. Hunter had positively responded to treatment and improved every day. 

Friends and community were overwhelmingly supportive and have reached out to us with their thoughts and prayers. Brandon has been splitting his time between his wife in the ICU, Hunter in the NICU and his two other children at home.

Brandon has been the sole provider for the family for the last few years, since Bree has been in nursing school. They had planned on Bree beginning her career in nursing after Hunter was born. However, due to this unforeseen situation we are not sure that will be possible in the near future. Adding to the complexity of the situation Brandon has been on disability after sustaining a shoulder injury while at work. He underwent surgery and has been recovering since. As you can imagine this has been another problem during this difficult time.

FirefighterAid and other organizations all stepped up to help the Drips family. FirefighterAid was able to help them hire a nanny who comes to their home to care for their children so that Bree could get her focus on recovering, nursing school, and baby Hunter. The family is doing well and Bree is healing nicely. 


I don't even know where to start. I'm sitting here thinking to myself it is going to be nearly impossible to describe how truly grateful I am to each and every one of you. Your thoughts and prayers healed me and my son. They got me home in time for Christmas with my family. They are, no doubt, the reason I am alive today and the reason my three little children still have a mommy. Your donations have allowed my family and I to focus on my recovery without the constant stress of how we are going to make ends meet. You are all amazing people, and I am forever changed by your kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Although I have a long road ahead of me, I am getting stronger and better everyday. I am now off of my antibiotics, and home health PT comes out to work with me once to twice a week. Attempting to stand for the first time a week or so ago was discouraging, but since then I have reached that goal, and I am now walking around my house with only one crutch! I am just taking everything day by day and looking forward to the day I can chase my crazy little kids around again. I cannot tell you enough how thankful my family and I are for all of your support during our time of need.