The solution is to break down the stereotypes of what it means to be a firefighter and teach them how to protect themselves every day from the threat of cancer. 


In 2018, we partnered with National University for a live filming of our CAPP Program curriculum. In front of a class of 70, our CAPP Program Ambassador presented the curriculum to help them understand how simple it really is for any fire department to combat job-related cancers with tools that they currently have in their stations. Now we want to share it all with you. 



Our video took six months to produce and shares the life-changing stories of 12 San Diego Fire-Rescue Department cancer survivors on their journey to protect and serve the public, but found themselves being the ones who needed assistance. These brave men and women opened up to FirefighterAid and our film producer, Jason Curtis, about their journey. They shared things they could have done differently and what they now do differently to protect themselves.

A special thank you to the brave men and women who have shared their stories to affect positive change.


In this one-hour video you will see the entire CAPP presentation as delivered by our CAPP Ambassador, Kurtis Bennett, to a group of San Diego County's top fire personnel. Kurtis spent years researching firefighteroccupational cancers, interviewing and connecting with researchers, authors, and firefighters to build a straightforward approach to fighting occupational cancer. Our presentation is broken down into three simple components and focuses on behavioral changes that is easily be applied to any fire station and department. 


See just how easy it is to implement the 3 C's (Clean Air, Clean Body, Clean Gear) into your department's every day routine.


In this six-minute video you will hear firsthand from Captain Scott Lowe as he shares his cancer-diagnosis story and how he supports our program and the behavior shift we are trying to create. He was less than a week out of treatment when he spoke at our event. 


Scott's son and nephew were joining the same occupation that gave him cancer as he was ending his treatment. Think about that for a minute. 

Start your journey to a cancer-free station & department


Building a successful cancer program won't happen overnight, but we've given you a great place to start! All the tools you need to start saving firefighter lives are already at your disposal! Yes, you can always do more and purchase the fancy tools to help aid you in your journey, but you can start for free today.


So, why are you still here?! Be a part of the positive cultural and behavioral change and get our CAPP Program in your fire station or your department now! Click here to get to get your free resources. That's right, we said FREE. 

CAPP Program in Petaluma, CA