One of our program's main goals is to share what we've built and make our program available to Firefighters everywhere for free. Yes, we said FREE! 


It's easy for any fire station or department to take what we have created and implement it to start making change. From our informative posters of peers who have battled cancer and won, to warning and identifier stickers place throughout the stations to serve as reminders, and the most impactful piece of our program...our 8-minute CAPP video.


Station Posters

Station Identifier Stickers

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Helmet Stickers

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If you believe in staying on air,

If you believe in washing your gear,

If you believe in doing the small things every day that stand to make a big difference over the course of your career, 

Then put this sticker on the back of your helmet and show everyone that you believe in doing the right thing! 

Department Memos

Below are our department memo templates that anyone can use to submit to any department. We've done all the footwork on crafting the memos for you just click on them to download. 


Vehicle Exhaust Extractors Memo
Sticker Helmet Memo
Front-Loading Wash Machine Memo
Graphics Arts Memo
Graphic Arts Placement Memo
SCBA Use Recommendation Memo
Decon Bulletin
Cancer Action Plan Document




Our video took six months to produce and shares the life-changing stories of 12 San Diego Fire-Rescue Department cancer survivors on their journey to protect and serve the public, but found themselves being the ones who needed assistance. These brave men and women opened up to FirefighterAid and our film producer, Jason Curtis, about their journey. They shared things they could have done differently and what they now do differently to protect themselves.

A special thank you to the brave men and women who have shared their stories to affect positive change.


In this one-hour video you will see the entire CAPP presentation as delivered by our CAPP Ambassador, Kurtis Bennett to a group of San Diego County's top fire personnel. Kurtis spent years researching firefighter occupational cancers, interviewing and connecting with researchers, authors, and firefighters to build a straightforward approach to fighting occupational cancer. Our presentation is broken down into three simple components and focuses on behavioral changes that is easily be applied to any fire station and department. 


See just how easy it is to implement the 3 C's (Clean Air, Clean Body, Clean Gear) into your department's every day routine.


In this six-minute video you will hear firsthand from Captain Scott Lowe as he shares his cancer-diagnosis story and how he supports our program and the behavior shift we are trying to create. He was less than a week out of treatment when he spoke at our event. 


Scott's son and nephew were joining the same occupation that gave him cancer as he was ending his treatment. Think about that for a minute.  


This 30-minute video is a panel discussion with some of the best minds in cancer prevention; Brian Freiders, President of Firefighter Cancer Support Network, Robert Bunsold, past President of FirefighterAid, Steve Rohrer, DO San Diego Firefighters Wellness Center, Jonathon Wilby, Industrial Hygienist and Risk Manager for Orange County Fire Authority.


These conversations are absolutely necessary to have, so we can continue to make change and save firefighter lives. 


SDFD Captain Scott Lowe allowed us to join his family and document his battle with job-related cancer. He allowed our filmmaker and team into his home, his life, his hospital room, and his treatment, not knowing his own fate. It was important to him to share his battle because he is from a multi-generational fire family. His son and nephew were entering into the same occupation that tried to kill him literally days before they graduated the academy.


Scott shared his story so he can be a part of the change we are fighting for. Special thanks to the Lowe Family for sharing their story.

Additional Information

You don't have to know everything, but you should know yourself and your body pretty well. So if something seems off, you should head to your health care provider and talk to them about it as soon as possible. Listen to your friends, coworkers, and family - they know you pretty well too. While we don't want anything to ever happen to you, we do want you to be healthy and well taken care of. Being a firefighter or the family of a firefighter can be difficult, and there are many health hazards that can come with the job. That being said, even if you are curious, you should be screened for cancer. Early detection can make a world of difference for many cancer warriors.


It can be very scary, and we understand that. However, you are NEVER alone. We are here for you; your brothers and sisters in the fire service are here for you; and your family is here for you. Please be sure to get regular screenings, wipe down and shower after responding to a fire, wash your turnouts, and wear your breather to help reduce your risks. Additionally, keep yourself educated.


Check out some of the additional resources below to be sure you know warning signs, possible carcinogen origins, and more. If you have questions, please talk to your health care provider as soon as possible. We are all here with you through this journey.


Mesothelioma Guide

Cancer Beast

Fire Cancer Support Network

Begin your journey to a cancer-free station & department

Building a successful cancer program won't happen over night, but we've given you a great place to start! All the tools you need to start saving firefighter lives are already at your disposal! Yes, you can always do more and purchase the fancy tools to help aid you in your journey, but you can start for free today.


So, why are you still here?! Be a part of the positive cultural and behavioral change and get our CAPP Program in your fire station or your department now! That's right, we said FREE. 

CAPP Program in Petaluma, CA

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