"With FFAid assistance this year, we are in the moment, we are in the window of opportunity and, most importantly, Bodie is thriving and excelling. Thank you to each and every one who has come to aid our family."

- Dana Kuhn



Bodie was diagnosed with Autism in 2012 at just two years old. Bodie went through many years enduring nearly 12 hours of specialized therapies in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. While Bodie is verbal he does struggle significantly with speech and language. However, he is emotionally connected to his family and his friends and Spider-man…..a very compassionate little man he is.


His father, Dustin, had always been pushing himself to test for SDFD, but put all things on hold for Bodie. When they felt they were in a good place with all things involving their son, Dustin went for it! Dustin is now a San Diego City Firefighter. He is so very happy to be part of such an amazing department and to be able to serve his community on every shift.

This past year, the family had to make some significant financial adjustments to get Dustin his dream job, including pay cuts and his mother going part-time to ensure Bodie’s needs were being met. 

They knew they wanted to involve Bodie in a music therapy based program as: 1. he LOVES to sign and dance and 2. It has proven to assist in the development of speech and comprehension. His age gives him the best window of opportunity to make a difference in his development.