FirefighterAid has taken on an exciting project! We've purchased a former San Diego Fire Department Fire Engine, Apparatus #1114. It’s a 1944 Seagrave, serial # B9880, model J1250 triple combination with a 1250 GPM pump and a 100-gallon tank. It had a gasoline V12 engine. It is the only apparatus bought in 1944 due to WWII impacts, they only bought one rig per year in 1944-1949.  It was assigned as Engine 17 and Engine 30 in its life.


We'll be restoring this rig for parades, funerals, other FirefighterAid events, and San Diego Fireman’s Relief Association functions. Follow along on our journey as fire service retirees, volunteers and sponsors all come together to create a work of art. 


FirefighterAid was tasked with the job of finding an apparatus that the organization could afford to take on for restoration efforts, and that was not in horrible condition. 

If you have any questions about our App #1114 Project or would like to become a volunteer to help us rebuild it, please email Arnell Garcia, or call our office. Make sure to follow this wonderful restoration adventure on our Facebook page with our photo albums and our live videos. 

Special THANK YOU to our volunteers and community partners who have helped us out so far! Mark Ferrell, Brad and Dallas Jansen of GRAVEL 'N GRIT Hauling & Towing, and Jason Curtis of MADE by J. Curtis.

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