Did you know that each year, approximately 100 Firefighters die while serving their communities? Many more die from cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, stroke, suicide, and other injuries and illnesses suffered as a result of their service. We can work together to honor these sacrifices and care for the firefighters who assume these risks and the families who share them.

As our firefighters and first responders must go about with their day-to-day jobs during this pandemic so must the work and fundraising at FirefighterAid. The SD911MSC event is our annual “gala” in which we raise our needed funds to do the good work that we do throughout the year. This year we vowed to raise $200,000 at the 2020 SD911MSC and we still must raise those needed funds. Even though the event has been cancelled our work has not been cancelled. Therefore, our fundraising efforts cannot be cancelled. We know we can do this together!

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