"Dear FirefighterAid, Thank you so much for the surprise Valentine box. I was really feeling fat, ugly, and unloved, but after woofing down the candy, I now feel loved (but still fat and ugly). Thanks again for thinking of me."

- Frances Fleet 

"Thank you so much for my wonderful Valentines gift I just love it."

- Marilyn Rivas

"I would like to thank you all for the nice Valentine I received."

- Mary Dale

"I received your Valentine last week and it renewed my life knowing that I am still cared for in this world. Many thanks for making me fell that I have not been forgotten. Thank you for your kindness. Happily yours."

- Tony Lombardo


Our 2016 Valentine ​Project was so well received by our widows that, this year, we decided to do it even bigger and better! We hand-crafted 50 valentines for our fire widows, biggest supporters, sponsors, and donors. We wanted them to know just how much we truly love them. After all, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about...LOVE! We also invited 28 Widows to our office for some Valentine’s Day treats and to spend a few hours with our Staff and Board so we could let them know that they are not alone and that they are so very, very loved. Some widows still need time to heal and weren’t ready to attend, but the few who could come had a wonderful time and said they would be back next year! We think their thank you cards said it best: 

"Thank you for making me feel special!"

- Kathy Reid

"WOW! Thank you! What a beautiful surprise. From the red whistle lips to the heart sucker pop this box of fun brought me joy after joy. God Bless whomever thought it up and choose me as a recipient. It's an early real birthday gift, I'll be 80 in two weeks. So, thanks again for making my day. Love and hugs."- Lorraine Campbell

"Thank you for thinking about me and sending the lovely surprise Valentine's Day gift."

- Pamela Dellemann

"Your Valentine gift was fun and so sweet."

- Claribel

"Thank you all so very much for your very kind consideration of my mother, Lola Jones. She is now 92 and was throughly delighted with her Valentines Day box of heart treats. It made her feel that she is a part of the community she and my father enjoyed for years. She felt cared for in a special way. Whose ever idea it was to think of her and I assume others as well, should receive a well deserved pat on the back! Thank you for remembering her "

- Dana McCurine, Lola's daughter and of course, Lola Jones

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart on Valentine's Day for making me so very special. So wonderful to meet the other widows. Thank you for all you did to make our day unforgettable "

- Sandra Ignosci

"A note of thanks for the Happy Valentines remembrance. Your sweet gift was fun to open and your thoughtfulness appreciated."

- Kay Larimer

2016 Valentines Day Story:

This past Valentine’s Day we wanted to show some very special women in our San Diego fire family that they are so loved. For many of these women this was just another Valentine’s Day without their special someone, their Firefighter husband, but for five of them it was their first Valentine’s Day alone. So we pulled out our glue guns, markers, stickers and we hand-crafted 16 Valentine’s Day boxes filled with love, admiration, and little bit of chocolate! Then we spent two days hand delivering most of them to their doorstep. Each widow was extremely grateful, some were moved to tears and some were even speechless. These ladies proved to be the greatest bunch of Valentines anyone could ask for. The response from all those served with Valentines was heartfelt and meaningful and most were moved to tears and just happy to be remembered on such a hard day.

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