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The holidays can be tough on anyone there's always so much to do. From hanging the lights, decorating the tree, shopping for gifts, baking cookies, to cooking a feast. It's enough to make you feel very overwhelmed. Now, image you have all that to do and your Firefighter husband used to help you with all of that, and this will be your first holiday season without him. Now, imagine that you are a Firefighter who is battling cancer, and have two young children, and a wife that works full-time and takes care of everything. Would you have the time or energy to do all the things on your list that the holidays require? This is why we love to step up and help our Fire Families during the holidays and any time. We just can't do it alone, we have some amazing holiday helpers by our side! 



Our good friends over at The Holiday Lighters can make the task of hanging the holiday lights a piece of cake! The Holiday Lighters was founded by two Firefighters with a passion to provide unparalleled customer service. They have been providing skilled residential & commercial holiday lighting services since 1999. They provide complete installation, removal, and storage at an affordable price.


This company holds a special place in our hearts this year as they hung lights on the home of a Firefighter who is battling cancer and a widow who lost her husband two years ago. We can’t thank them enough for helping our friends through a tough time this holiday.


A group of very special do gooders at Alliant Speciality Insurance Services decided that they wanted to host Christmas dinner for San Diego Fire-Rescue Departments busiest station, Station 17. They worked all year long on fundraising and doing office challenges until they raised enough money to make it a dinner 17's would never forget! This special group is full of heart and genuinely support our Fire Community. We just can't thank them enough! 

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